So, you have come to find out about Antenna.One – Hello, It’s great to meet you!

As a digital-first media company, we are doing things differently.

Antenna.One, along with our Antenna Radio brand, gives our listeners the very best radio and entertainment services. In addition, we partner with small broadcasters to provide guidance, training and support with a wide range of Broadcast Transmission solutions from a globally diverse team.

Having worked in the Media and Communications industries for over 20 years, Antenna.One has come a long way from its beginnings in the United Kingdom.

Antenna.One specializes in FM, DAB, DAB+ and DRM transmission technologies; we create excellent radio content consumed by listeners globally. We relocated to Dallas, Texas, in 2022 when the world started to recover from the previous ‘Covid Years’ and now have a globally and culturally diverse workforce.

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