About Cookies

(Not the kind you can eat unfortunately)

To allow Antenna Media Limited to provide you with the best online experience, we use things called Cookies to collect a limited amount of information based on what you do on ours and other peoples websites.  This means that we can offer you relevant contact that is specific to you (i.e. If you are a man in your 20's we are unlikely to show you content that is specific to a woman in her 50's etc).

EU regulations have come into effect regarding cookies and how they are used as well as giving users the chance to give their consent to them collecting a limited amount of information and data as you browse the internet.

OK, So what are these non-edible cookies then?

A cookie is a small piece of information that a your computer stores locally from websites that you visit, this happens automatically each time you browse a new website.

How do Antenna Media Limited use these cookies?

Antenna Media Limited send your computer a small amount of information (the cookie) which is used to recognise you as an individual, this then allows you to quickly access different parts of the of the site or "remember” your personal information which then allows you to fill in forms, song requests and messages to us quickly without having to keep re-entering this information.

What cookies do you use?

All Antenna Media Limited websites that are hosted by our partner Aiir, store the following cookies for various purposes listed below.

Please remember that cookies may also be set by third party companies and organisations for services which are embedded within our website.  For example Facebook and Twitter as well as Google Analytics (so we know how many people like to visit us)! However these services are outside of our control.


club_e and club_p

A user's email and password if they tick the box to have these details saved for convenience the next time they wish to log in to the club.


A random session identifier, to identify a user while they are logged in to the club.


A flag to record whether a homepage interstitial has been viewed and to prevent it from appearing again.


Identifiers for schools set as 'My Schools' in the School Closures tool.


For more details about Cookie (for computers) or (for humans) you can look on Wikipedia.

You will be pleased to know that you can control the use of cookies on your computer through your Internet Settings.  These settings allow you to block or restrict what data being stored and accessed on your computer, just click HELP on your web browser for more information.

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