Graham Swift

The Swift Sessions 
Saturday 7pm-9pm








After a late night shopping trip to Manchester, Graham took a wrong turn on the M60 and ended up in our car-park (either our good luck or his misfortune, who Knows...?) we managed to tempt him into the office where we plied him with all the Starbucks coffee he could dream of.

After being fed a large amount of coffee he saw the twinkling lights in the studio and we managed to tempt him inside and then lock him in.  Now he keeps you company every day.  We do occasionally let him out to go to the bathroom and visit family.

More details will be revealed about the clubs Graham supports and what mischief he gets up to.

If you want a mention, give me a call in the studio on 03333-446640, message me on Twitter or Facebook or just send me a text me on 0161-850-5005.\


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